ERS can design a system to reduce emissions to the atmosphere for greenhouse gases (GHG) or hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) under EPA's parts-per-million monitoring programs. The Bio-Filter system can usually be retro-fitted with little or no modification to existing equipment. ERS offers a very affordable product with low maintenance cost to your LDAR programs.

The ERS answer provides clients an environmentally friendly, safe and durable product.

What factors brought you to ERS?
  • Not passing your LDAR inspection?
  • Tired of paying for repacking seals?
  • Looking for a guaranteed solution?
  • Are you failing your monthly monitoring
    program with leaks?
  • Do you get tagged for exceeding the
    limit every month?

While our Bio-Filters assist in meeting the air quality needs of regulatory entities, our lease programs provides clients affordable, cost effective protection, We are so sure of our product, ERS offers a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

If the Bio-Filter does not perform as promised, return it for a full refund.

Included in the Annual Lease Contract

The initial Bio-filter order contains: one filter canister, two Bio-Filter elements (one for initial use and one for replacement when readings reach over the regulatory leak definition: example over 10,000ppm), one remediation packet and one 5-gallon metal remediation bucket, and one custom measured lexan cover with sealant.

After the initial filter is replaced, call or e-mail ERS with canister serial number and ERS will send a replacement filter element and an additional remediation packet. Customer is responsible for all installations and a detailed installation manual will be provided.

Remediation Procedures:

It’s time to replace the filter element when LDAR readings reach over the regulatory leak definition. Pull out the spent filter and replace with the new filter element. Place the used element in 5-gallon bucket, add contents of remediation packet, add water to cover element completely and secure lid. Open spout for ventilation and keep in location above 45 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 days.

After elapsed time, pour any remaining water into sump pit, dispose of element in compliance with your company policies (after remediation the Bio-Filter is NOT considered a hazardous material) and keep bucket for future remediation.

What if there are changes in applicable regulations:

In the event the regulatory leak definition changes to a lower level, ERS will exchange the canister and Bio-Filter element to accommodate the increase in regulations.

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