Innovative Application of Technology:

Failing your LDAR inspection? Looking for a simple and cost effective solution? Have equipment that falls under KKK or VV monitoring programs? The Bio-Filter System has been proven to immediately save you time and money!

We have the proof but you be the judge! Bio-Filter systems have been running for Conoco-Phillips, Agave Energy, Enbridge, Eagle Rock, DCP Midstream, Chevron-Texaco, WRB Refining, BP-Amoco, Pioneer Resources, Southern Union Gas Services, and others.

Our current research group is locked on to developing other applications where exhaust emissions to a VRU's(vapor recovery units) or flare system are not cost effective. Our units are designed as a stand-alone filtering system or can be used in conjunction as safety back-ups with VRUs and Flares.

Environmental Benefits:

What price can be attached to the peace of mind knowing someone in your plant doesn’t have to repack seals that may or may not solve the problem? Bio-Filters makes environmental sense as well because it comes with its own remediation kit. Simply deposit the spent filter in a container (provided with the system) of water, add the provided packet of bio-remediation microbial elements and within days the spent filter is ready to dispose of in the landfill receptacle.
No hazardous waste to dispose of or keep track of with the Bio-Filter system.

INGERSOL RAND WITH G-5 - Don’t get stuck with EPA fines.
Reduce VOCs To The Atmosphere

Don’t get stuck with EPA fines. Let the Bio-Filter do its work taking care of your fugitive emissions.
Get started today. Call for more information or send your contact information and let us provide your immediate solution.

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